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casa productora audiovisual en Monterrey produccion de video

Who we are - Production House  in Monterrey of audiovisual media.

TR3SK ('three)[ka]

Our name refers to the three filmmakers that make up this production house. Treska, is a very long river that rises in the mountains of Macedonia. The word "three" in French means well or a lot. "Ka" in Egyptian mythology, refers to the life force of the human spirit. But in reality, it is a play on words to name three creatives who are passionate about audiovisual media.

With our expertise in cinematography, convinced that using cinema as a technique, it is possible to create audiovisual projects of a higher creative, narrative and visual level. We are passionate about creating emotional images that generate experiences. Our projects are characterized by having a high aesthetic value that hardly go unnoticed, with content focused on specialized audiences in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Nowadays, our world is based on the visual and the information needs to reach the viewer in an attractive way. We put at your disposal the skill and experience of our creatives, the high technology that the new digital systems and equipment offer us to achieve incredible projects in 4K quality, which will make your project something surprising.



TR3SK Films Production House in Monterrey, offers you creative ideas to carry out projects that achieve the results you are looking for in the audiences or markets you have set out to reach.


We are a professional team that treats each audiovisual project as a piece of art, almost as if carved by hand, tailored to each of our clients' objectives, to result in unique and unrepeatable pieces.  


Our attention and passion for service makes our work go hand in hand with our clients, thus closing the circle:


Technology - Creativity - Quality - Ethics - Honesty - Service



The TR3SK Films Crew

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