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Protocols that we have adopted in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) contingency in our productions. TR3SK Films Production House in Monterrey.

At TR3SK Films we want all production to be clean and safe for our clients and collaborators, therefore, knowing in advance the forms of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), we have adopted strict prevention measures in our filming before the pandemic that currently affects us.


In addition to the measures known to all as:

  • Hand washing with soap and water.

  • Use of 70% alcohol-based antibacterial gel

  • Healthy distance of at least two meters.

  • Use of mouth covers appropriately (covering the nose and chin, as well as the least open space at the ends)

  • Eye protection (magnifying glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, as well as the use of masks).


We share with you an extract of the specific measures for audiovisual production that we have adopted, based on the recommendations by national and international institutions. Depending on the type or size of production, these may vary. To know the detailed protocols, at the end we share the links to  consultation.

  1. All pre-production: meetings with the client, casting, scouting, among other activities, are carried out remotely as far as possible.

  2. Outdoor filming will be encouraged when possible.

  3. The production crews are small and on set, there will be the bare minimum of production personnel.

  4. Calls are made at staggered times.

  5. The shootings will be carried out in a reduced work plan, the shorter the work time, the risk of contagion due to exposure is reduced.

  6. Prior to each production, the crew and the client will be sent a questionnaire to assess whether any of the production attendees have contracted COVID-19.

  7. A record will be kept of every person who enters and leaves the set to, where appropriate, follow up when there is an outbreak.

  8. Taking the temperature of personnel entering and leaving production.

  9. The locations that are in charge of production will be adequately sanitized before and after production.

  10. The team  It is sanitized with 70% isopropyl.

  11. Sharing objects for personal use is prohibited: phones, headphones, pens, makeup, personal protective equipment. These must be disinfected frequently.

  12. People over 60 years of age or people with some comorbidity, it is recommended not to answer the call.

  13. Hand washing stations will be established, where possible, and/or sanitization with alcohol-based antibacterial gel.

  14. Whenever possible, only one department will work in a specific area of work.

  15. The talent and the crew will be kept in separate areas, a reduced number of people who can interact with each other will be sought.

  16. On long calls and in the heat of summer, the crew must hydrate themselves and for this, they must take a distance of two meters from the rest of the crew to remove their mouth cover and drink liquids.

  17. The food will be served through a box lunch, food, cutlery and other products, they will go in a sealed bag. Buffets are ruled out during contingency.

  18. Makeup and hairstyle, due to their proximity to the talent, must take special care such as constant hand washing, single-use brushes. Hair and makeup for the extras is ruled out, asking them to do it themselves as much as possible.

  19. The different areas or departments that require it will be assigned special outdoor areas for preparation, assembly or any other type of work that they require, it is prohibited to do it in closed spaces.

  20. Those attending the production will discuss the efforts being made to comply with the safety and hygiene protocols in accordance with the guidelines of different private and government institutions to have a reliable and safe production.

  21. Post-production material (hard drives, cards, etc.) is disinfected from arrival to departure, under the principle that any object can be contaminated.

  22. To the extent possible, any review of the post-production process should be done remotely.  

SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 is a new virus and day by day new discoveries are made regarding it, the same agencies, health institutions and governments are continuously updating the prevention measures that must be followed carefully. according to the updates that are issued. We will be updating this page accordingly.

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