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Internal or external communication needs  of companies (Institutional Videos or Corporate Videos, Induction Videos, Training Videos, Security Videos,  Promotional, among others)  have become an element  essential  to achieve an informative link with your collaborators, or with customers and suppliers.

Today, audiovisual  require  a simple, direct and brief communication with good quality content that is useful for the audience, that is, develop  our contents  based on the communication objectives that have been set in the organization.  audiovisual communication  of companies  better and bigger demand  technology in its realization because the image and reputation of the brand could be at stake, and in our production house TR3SK Films we have the expertise to create high-level business videos that will meet these objectives.

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An institutional or corporate video contains the necessary information both in voice and in images of what we want to show about the company and its products.  to our customers, suppliers or even our competition. Brief and concise information that allows our audience to understand the message we are showing.

How to make an Institutional Video or Video  Corporate?*

Many think that making an institutional video or corporate video  is to take any camera,  record in thirty minutes and edit it in twenty.  The production of an institutional video (the right way and how we like to do it at TR3SK Films)  It is much more than taking a camera and recording, as it requires prior, dedicated and detailed work on what our video should contain.   Like any other audiovisual project, the production of an institutional video is divided into 3 phases, there are filmmakers or production houses that may "skip" or omit any of the following steps to save a few dollars, but invariably, that affects the final score. The 3 phases  the  described below and can be applied to the vast majority of audiovisual projects in film and television.



The realization of an institutional or corporate video implies a previous research and documentation work by the video producer to become familiar and "soak up" what the organization is  to which the video will be made. On the other hand, it is important to have table work with those involved in the project to know the objectives, the audiences to which our video is directed and the information that will be shared in the audiovisual, as well as generate a creative idea in accordance with the objectives. previous ones that allow us to arrive at the elaboration of the script.

There is a tendency to use storytelling (communicate through  tell a story) to convey the information we want to make known in a pleasant and interesting way and  that the audiences identify with the characters or story that we are presenting, this is mainly used in commercials, although in institutional videos it is increasingly recurrent.

The other way of communicating the information that we want to present in an institutional video, unlike storytelling,  is in an informative manner, in which the video is limited to providing information on background information, current status, products or services, corporate locations, contact information  etc.


Elaborating a script in a professional format will be the key for our project to be successful, since it is  here  where everything that our audiovisual will include in images is contemplated,  graphic information, locution,  musicalization and sound, which will also help us to make a breakdown of the technical, human and equipment elements that our production requires. At this stage, although much of it is  In the work of the scriptwriter, it is important that the client is involved as much as necessary in the development of the content, as well as in its review and approval, since once the script is approved, it will be difficult to make changes during production.


When we have our script finished and approved by the client, we must make a breakdown of all the needs that our project requires; from the camera that will be used, the talent (models or actors), the lighting, the logistics that will take place during the shoot, the professional crew that will support, as well as our "shot list", which is a list of the shots or locations What will we do during the shoot? All that the producer can  anticipate before filming at your desk job in conjunction with the script, the director's shot list and the casting, among other things, will result in a smaller number of  dead times,  delays or even failed production.  The pre-production is  essential  in any audiovisual project and should not, for any reason, be omitted or forgotten, the success of any production also depends on this phase.

*These steps also apply  for the realization of other types of videos such as  security, induction or training.

produccion de video corporativo monterrey tr3sk films

Corporate videos

high quality.

We show the greatness of the company, its history, its products or services,  facilities, its staff, its achievements, the quality of its processes and the value of its people with the best digital technology in the audiovisual industry.


The moment that everyone wants to reach, but few in the right way. During this phase, we apply all the preparation that we had in previous phases, for practical purposes, let's think that Development and Pre-production serve to have  the plans to construct a building, the construction stage, would be the production. At TR3SK we like to take advantage of the work day starting early in the morning to have enough time to work, let's remember that shots or locations that we leave for later days will increase the budget of our project, most of the camera and lighting equipment, as well as that of the personnel, their fees are per day of work and in all production we must make our resources more efficient so as not to raise production costs. Production is the moment where the magic happens and production staff such as:  Director, Director of Photography, Sound Engineer, Producer, Lighting Technicians,  among others, they put their creative skills to work to deliver a high-level institutional video.


The video doesn't end up recording it, the images we captured are still on the memory cards or  supported  on hard drives, post-production is practically the last stage of the production of an institutional video. Editing: synchronizing sound, cutting, pasting, applying transitions, is part of what post-production implies, but depending on the project, it can include motion graphics or motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, as well as sound design, which will will give a better listening experience to the  audience  of the video.

Also, it is possible that the voice of an announcer is required which, depending on our objectives,  we will choose a suitable profile of our locution. Last but not least, the music, which can be done with pre-recorded music from copyright-free libraries, or we can make an original music composition for our video, which will be unique and inspired by the images. that we have recorded. Use pre-recorded music although it is more  affordable, we can have experiences in which we listen to the same melody that we chose, in other audiovisuals, even in those of the competition.

There is a last step that we do not mention as a phase, because in the videos for companies or institutions, this is done by the client and it is the Distribution. Distribution implies the channels through which we will make our video known, either through the company's internal network, on social networks, in meetings, training sessions and  conventions, with backup media such as DVD, Bluray, USB, etc., which will be distributed to the sales force, human resources, executives, to be presented to  customers, suppliers or collaborators of the organization.

We create a sense of belonging, resulting in a bond between  the newly hired staff and the company. We show the values and importance  from  the company,  achieving a solid identity in a warm welcome.

The induction videos, as well as the  training have the  peculiarity that it is an audiovisual communication that rarely goes outside the organization, firstly because it may contain information that should only be transmitted to the interior and on the other hand, because its objective is different from that of an institutional or training video,  but not for this reason our audiovisual should be a low-level product, but on the contrary, an induction video, for example, should show the best that the corporation has to create a  maximum experience and generate  Membership of the new employee  towards the company.

video institucional video corporativo videos de inducción videos de capacitación casa productora monterrey

The realization of an induction video is similar to what we showed in previous paragraphs in reference to the institutional video, with the difference that the audiences to which they are directed are different. The objectives of the induction video should focus on the information that the new member will receive, such as values, policies, work environment, belonging, empathy and, of course, a warm welcome. What we are looking for is that the new member "feel put on the shirt" and sit down from now on, as part of the organization. The training videos, their objective is to make the training and training of the collaborators simpler, more dynamic and interesting, leaving behind the boring videos where the camera only shows how an operation or function is carried out, currently, technology allows us to carry out audience to effective training through moving images with 2D or 3D animations  that will allow collaborators to be given greater knowledge tools, in a pleasant and truly effective way.

Our expertise in communication will make the process of induction and training of new employees easier for you and your organization, saving time and costs of personalized training, standardizing processes and training, by preventing each instructor from modifying methodologies, content and instructions. important.

Although there are many factors that favor high turnover in companies, the sense of belonging can often be a decisive factor in this aspect and this can be achieved with  a  standard in the audiovisual communication of companies, including materials such as Induction and Training Videos.

Institutional video quote.  If you are looking to make high-quality audiovisuals, contact us and we will gladly send you a proposal according to your needs.

Please access our form  quote  where you will find the basic requirements that we need to know to quote a video for your company.


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