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Production  of Cinema in Monterrey - Film Production House.  Production of films, documentaries, short films, feature films. Film production house in Monterrey.

As a production house, our philosophy of using cinema as  technique  to develop our institutional and commercial projects;  also as art,  as a means of expression, but mainly for the entertainment of  audiences on any screen whether in movie theaters, television or streaming.

In our walk for more than a decade telling stories, film production has allowed us to experiment not only with capture formats, but with  narratives and  characters, in a process of continuous adaptation  to the changing forms of production that have made us more efficient  in the realization and more precise thanks to the new technologies that allow us to work with better and sophisticated workflows.

Feature-length and short-film projects, whether fiction or  documentaries produced by ('tres)[ka] and its directors, have been awarded by different funds for the production and  their development. Likewise, its presence in important international film festivals,  They have allowed them to have countless exhibition windows around the world.


We share with you some of the projects carried out by our house  film production company  in recent years, some of them as auteur cinema, independent cinema  and others developed for entertainment. In each of them you can  find more information about its production. We would love to hear your comments about them.

Fomento al Cine Mexicano (FOCINE) del Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía

Fondo de Promoción al Cine en Nuevo León (PROMOCINE) del Consejo para la Cultura y las Artes de Nuevo León



Super 16mm / 8.5 min. / México / 2009 Cortometraje Escrito y Dirigido por Gil Morales. Short Film Written and Directed by Gil Morales. Ganador del FINANCIARTE XXXVI del Consejo para la Cultura y las Artes de Nuevo León. Winner of the XXXVI FINANCIARTE Grant for Video and Film Production. Una producción de Conarte, Voladero Films y 5inco FilmMakers. A Conarte, Voladero Films and 5inco FilmMakers Production. Producido por / Produced by: Karla Arredondo Dir. de Fotografía / Photography: Juan Manuel González Editor / Edición: Ismael Nava Alejos Dir. de Arte / Art: Myrna Silva Diseño Sonoro / Sound Design: Ramiro Garza Música Original / Original Score: Miguel Almaguer Con / With: Javier Sancho Synopsis: Mr. Andrés is a lonely old man that in one normal day met up again with an old love, so beautiful and young as in the good times, just like when she used to dance for him. Dazzled by the eyes of this woman, this time he is not willing to let her go away. RAQUEL is a story that takes you to a meeting with the love of your life, to cook for her, to uncork a red wine bottle while hearing a good danzon. Sinopsis: Don Andrés es un anciano solitario que un día normal vuelve a encontrarse con un viejo amor, tan hermosa y joven como en los buenos tiempos, como cuando ella bailaba para él. Deslumbrado por los ojos de esta mujer, esa vez no está dispuesto a dejarla ir. RAQUEL, es una historia que te lleva a un encuentro con el amor de tu vida, a cocinar para ella y a descorchar una botella de vino tinto mientras escuchas un buen danzón. Selección Oficial / Oficial Selection Festival Festifil, Valladolid, España Festival Proyector, Mazatlán, México Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival, Playa del Carmen, México Festival El Cine a las Calles, México, D.F. Festival Cine Ciudad Luna, Chía, Colombia Festival Cine en el Desierto, Sonora, México Festival Cine, Cultura y Vida, Toluca, México Buenos Aires, Latino Film Festival, BA, Argentina Festival Internacional de Cine de Puebla, México Agradecemos a Kodak de México e IMAGYX por el material filmico para la realización de este cortometraje. We thank to Kodak de Mexico and IMAGYX for supporting us with film stock for this movie.

Centro de Escritores Cinematográficos de Nuevo León

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